Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pleather skater skirt, 6 ways

I had been looking for a pleather skirt for a couple months now. I finally came across one at Forever 21, but just my luck, the sizing options that were left were not accommodating for me. I let out a huge sigh and continued browsing around. I went down to the floor that was all the clothes on sale, and out of the corner of my eye, I see a pile of random clothing that oddly drew my attention. I looked through the clothes.... and there was the skirt! I look at the size... my size! I immediately grabbed it as if there were other people around me (there weren't) and ran to the changing room. 
Now these skater skirts have become quite popular lately, in every pattern under the sun. When a piece of clothing is "trendy", I tend to go for a basic colour or pattern instead of something more out there. This skirt in black is definitely a staple piece, and staple pieces in your wardrobe are the best because of how many different ways you can wear them, making every outfit look different. So I looked through my own wardrobe, and paired different items with this skirt. You will see the exact same skirt in every outfit. Here we go.

This first outfit is on the more casual side. Jewellery and shoes make that difference between casual and more dressy. With any of these outfits, change those 2 parts of your outfit, and again you have multiple outfits in one. Here I put a grey denim shirt, with a chunky silver necklace, and camel coloured boots.


The next outfit is also on the more casual side. To be honest, I have had these over-the-knee socks for a couple years now, and have never found a way I was really comfortable wearing them. Of course, wearing a skirt and tights in the winter can be made possible with these socks, but I never quite figured it out just right. I saw a picture of an outfit similar to this online, so thought it would be the perfect time to bust out these bad boys and give them a fighting chance! So here we have a plain white t-shirt, a gold spiky necklace, over-the-knee black socks, and black wedge boots.


This next look is leaning more toward being slightly dressier, but keeps that casual look because it is so darn comfy. Here I wanted to put together patterns and embellishments, which is why I paired this zebra print inspired sweater, with houndstooth patterned tights (instead of just black ones), and studded flats, keeping that comfy factor. I never really considered pairing a sweater with a skirt before, but it is the best combination of cute and comfy. 

This next outfit makes me think totes preppy, because of the collared shirt under a sweater. But with the collar having metal spikes, it definitely takes it from preppy to a little more edgy. I like to think that I personally love all sorts of different styles, but if I'm going to go for a more "safe" look, I have to add a little something something. I paired this outfit with another pair of studded flats, except these ones I made into a little DIY project myself. It couldn't have been easier: old plain black flats + whatever cool shiny studs you can find at Michael's + super glue = shoe transformation and money saving!

Ok now these last 2 outfits are what I would wear for really special occasions, and with the holidays coming up, and the possibility of multiple parties/gatherings/etc., you can change up your outfit without having to buy so many new individual pieces. And I'm sure no one will notice ;) Here I took a collared blouse, and kept with the fancier theme by adding sparkly tights, and some high heels. Holidays for me require glitter and sparkles whenever possible.

And we could not have a variety of outfit looks without some lace. So this black lacy top with the skirt, and the same high heels, would be another fancy occasion outfit for me.

And because after all, we are in the colder months, ya gotta stay warm. So I added this creamy coloured blazer on top.

The "staple pieces" of a wardrobe are something I have definitely come to appreciate more and more lately. It is definitely a challenge and fun (if you make it) to come up with as many outfits as you can surrounding one piece. You will be pleasantly surprised! The blue sweater I paired with the spiky collared shirt, for example, is something I typically wear with pants, when I'm dressing super casual. But after putting it with the collared shirt and this skirt, I look at it in a whole new way now. So give it a try!